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Can a garden inspire you to do good work? Yes it can!

Post contributed by Meigan Rath, Sales Team

The people who make the great products at Plum understand and love the art of nourishment – especially when it comes to our most precious little ones. Many of my coworkers share my passion for growing, cooking, and eating food, finding time to grow their own food in their gardens like I do. You know you’re a garden geek when you find yourself comparing compost tips with Eugene in Marketing and talking about effective chipmunk deterrents with Blenda in Sales! Working at Plum has reinforced what I knew all along: that good food, grown without prohibited synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and nurtured with your own hands tastes better than anything in the world.

Every growing season I try to start my day in my garden. There’s nothing like morning time elbows-deep in the soil. I love the smell of ripening tomatoes, the sounds of the buzzing bees, the sights of new buds in the ground, or a pepper starting to turn red. In the spring I prepare the soil for planting. In the summer I water and weed, weed, weed. The care and work I put into this soil gives right back with the fall harvest! The fall is when I get to reap my rewards, planning family meals around those beautiful zucchinis and peppers and making a Greek salad with tomatoes and cucumbers that were picked an hour ago.

Did you know that children are more likely to like a vegetable if they’ve selected it and prepared it themselves? They’re even more likely to love that vegetable if they grew it themselves (1)! This year my teenagers helped me create a “salsa garden” that contains tomatoes, onions, tomatillos, and seven varieties of peppers and every week we make a batch of salsa – each recipe a little different than the last. It disappears quicker than any food I buy at the store.

I go to work each morning inspired by my garden. This is the food philosophy that we embrace at Plum – that babies’ taste buds embrace vibrant foods – and the care we put into the development and production of every organic product we make reflects that. Our ingredients are grown responsibly and organically; our recipes are simple in order to celebrate the honest taste of the vegetables and fruits in our blends. Plum products are not garden fresh like my salsa, but they are the next-best option for busy parents who want to teach their kids good nutrition and set them up for a lifetime of adventurous and healthy eating.

I may not be producing the actual vegetables and fruit that go into our Plum products, but I know I have a part in our mission of nourishing little ones with the very best food from the very first bite. It’s why I know the work we are doing here is meaningful and is building future generations into healthy ones. Garden on!

(1) Benton, D. “Role of Parents in the Determination of the Food Preferences of Children and the Development of Obesity.” International Journal of Obesity, 2004, 28: 858-869. p861