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Finding My Place

Hi, I’m Katina. About a year ago I found myself at a major crossroads.  After working for over a decade as a retail buyer, I was struggling with balancing all that was expected of me – my career, my spouse’s career, family life, aging parents, all while trying to raise a one and a three-year old.  After a lot of soul-searching I came to the very difficult decision to leave the company where I grew up, where I was allowed to express my creativity and travel the world for my job and stay at home with my kids. It’s not a new story, this happens every day, but this is my story and how Plum Organics helped me survive my first year as a stay-at-home mom.

Around the same time I completed an online application to become a Plum Parent. When I got a call to come in for an interview at the Plum corporate headquarters I was thrilled. I met with two awesome members of the marketing team and we just hit it off. It’s pretty easy to interview when you’re able to talk about your kids and being a mom the entire time, because let’s be honest, that’s what us parents talk about most of the time anyway! How many times do you get that rare night away and then you end up talking about your kids all night? I told the team what I love about Plum is that it has taken some of the mom-guilt off my shoulders.  I was a full-time working mom who thought I was going to make all of my own organic baby food. Then life happened and I realized very quickly I could buy nutritious, organic baby food in such a variety of flavors and colors. Between the convenience of the pouches on-the-go and the Puffs, I was hooked and so were my kids!

When I arrived for the training day at the Plum headquarters I was surprised to find only three other Plum Parents in the room. The resumes of the other parents are seriously impressive! Over the course of the day I learned about Plum – what an amazing company. I had no idea what a B Corp was or that a company could be so caring and focused on philanthropy.

I learned about food insecurity and how Plum works very hard to feed children that are hungry, especially in communities where fruits and vegetables can be almost entirely absent. With the support of Plum, I was able to organize a volunteer day at the Alameda County Food Bank, an experience that was so wonderful and fulfilling for the soul.

To say I’m honored to associate my name with this company is an understatement. My job and my career was a huge part of my identity and the adjustment to leaving that part of me behind has not been easy. Plum Organics has given me opportunities to have purpose in my life and be part of my community that I never would have had otherwise. I’m proud to work with a company that understands what it means to be a parent and all the ups and downs that come along with that. So thank you Plum, for giving me this opportunity to work with you, to spread the word about how great you are and to meet new and amazing people along the way. #teamparent!

PlumParents® is Plum’s brand ambassador program dedicated to inspire an unfiltered conversation about the ups and downs of parenting. Want to join the team? Sweet! Because we’re on a quest to find parents like you to help us nail this thing called parenting. We’re currently recruiting parents to join us in Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles and New York for a paid position as a local ambassador. Learn more here. Application deadline is November 30.