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Food Philosophy

Plum was founded on the belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite. So a group of parents got together and started asking questions. Is white rice cereal really the best first food? Is picky eating a given? Where do taste preference come from?

In order to cultivate Nutritional Intelligence – an intelligence that will help babies choose healthy foods later in life – Plum focuses on adventurous eating through a wide variety of flavors, early and often. These are the beliefs that guide our product development every day.

The Full Effect

Every little one deserve the nutrients she needs to grow and thrive. For this reason, we donate millions of our nutritious organic meals and snack to kids in need across America.


Our children will inherit the world we leave behind. That’s why it’s our priority to leave a baby-sized footprint on the planet.

Public Benefit Corporation

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we believe business can and should be a force for good.