Starting in the 1950s, the foods widely available for babies at grocery stores in the United States were refined carbohydrates—rice cereal and plain macaroni. The philosophy was that babies needed to start with simple, bland foods and build up to more complex flavors slowly. But this plain diet during babies’ key months of development that teaches babies that refined foods are better and when those babies grow into toddlers they will ask for the same simple flavors. They may gravitate towards things like cookies, breaded chicken fingers, and more macaroni and cheese. Introducing new foods can lead to “Mommy, I don’t like that!”

So how do we avoid raising children with a predisposition for colorless meals and junk food? New research shows us that bland is not better and that choosing bright, complex flavors during pregnancy and the first twelve months can help babies develop a taste for foods that are good, and good for them. In fact, choosing bland foods may even be depriving babies of essential nutrients that they need for healthy development.

We are on the forefront of creating a healthier generation of eaters. Babies can enjoy a wide range of flavors from an early age, and exposure to wholesome, nutrient-rich foods can help to create healthy eaters for life. You wouldn’t want your own diet to be plain and repetitive, so your baby’s shouldn’t be, either!

We believe that exposing little ones to the exciting flavors, textures, shapes, and colors of different foods sets them up to be healthy eaters for life. Our products are designed with a wide variety of whole ingredients so that your baby will be well nourished and excited about food, and you can feel good as a parent.

The stage of development between crawling and walking is an opportunity for parents to fuel their babies’ curiosity with food! It’s a time when we can introduce them to the world through flavors, feeding them things we also enjoy as adults. Taste is about discovery, about stimulating the senses, and at this stage babies are wide open to the possibilities and adventures of food and flavor.