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We believe we have a responsibility to leave a baby-sized footprint on the planet.

Pouch Advantage


Learn more about our cap recycling program with Preserve below.


The pros: The pouch has a smaller overall environmental footprint than the glass jar, using less energy and generating less greenhouse gases during its lifecycle.

The cons: There is no recyclable pouch film in existence now – it’s a food safety thing. We’re collaborating with industry experts and even competing companies to work towards a recyclable pouch solution.

Recycling with Preserve Gimme 5

The good news: Plum’s pouch caps are made from recyclable plastic! However, many recycling facilities can’t process pouch caps because they’re too small. So we’ve devised a plan!

Plum’s partnered with the good folks at Preserve to create a cap recycling program. All you (or your school, soccer team, daycare…you get the idea!) have to do is collect your caps and bring them to the store drop-off location closest to you. In fact, throw all your non-Plum pouch caps in there, too – we’ll look the other way!

Preserve also collects #5 plastics in communities that don’t have recycling systems set up to collect them. If your community doesn’t accept #5 plastics, you can recycle our formula tub through Preserve.

Get the details and find a drop-off location near you here.


Is it just us, or can recycling get confusing? That’s why Plum has joined How2Recycle, a labeling system that makes it easier for us all to understand what goes where in those bins! Learn more here.


We’re proud to be a part of a coalition of 22 brand and industry leaders committed to creating sustainable packaging.