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The Full Effect®

When little ones are full of the right nutrients, they can live into their full potential and have their full effect on the world.

Plum's program donating nourishing food to little ones in need across America.


Organic meals and snacks donated by Plum Organics – and counting!

The Problem: Food Security

A food insecure child does not have access to consistent and sufficient food to be fully nourished. In the US, we often use the term “food insecurity” versus “hunger,” because for many, it’s not just a calorie crisis. It’s a nutrition crisis.

1 in 5

1 in 5 children in America is food insecure – that’s 13.1 millions kids.


14.5 million children in America live in poverty

85% of food insecure families have at least one working adult in the household


Food Insecurity


13.1 million children in America are food insecure.


Results in


malnourished children experience

fast food
nutrition-related diseases, like diabetes & obesity
higher rate of illness & hospitalization
learning & developmental delays.


Ages 0-3 Years

marks a critical development period that sets the stage for health and well-being for life. The effects of malnutrition during these early years can be even more detrimental to a growing little one.

Our approach

We believe every little one deserves the nutrients, vitamins and calories she needs to thrive. Working with nonprofit partners in communities across the US, The Full Effect® fights malnutrition by donating nourishing organic food and promoting nutrition education.

In addition to donating Plum products from across our portfolio, we created the Super Smoothie, a special Plum product designed to help fight hunger in America.

Assisted by our anti-hunger partners and our pediatric advisor, Dr. Alan Greene, we formulated this organic blend of fruits, veggies and grains to help fortify the diets of children, especially those who don’t get regular healthy meals. With the help of our supply chain partners, we’re producing Super Smoothies to be donated to families in need across the US.

You can help, too. For every pack of Super Smoothies you buy to nourish your little one, another Super Smoothie is donated to nourish a little one in need.

Our Partners

Giving Partner

Convoy of Hope

Giving Partner

Conscious Alliance

Giving Partner

Homeless Prenatal Program


With the help of our amazing partners, Plum’s organic meals and snacks are delivered to little ones in need across America. And when disasters strike, our partners help us reach the children impacted in nations across the world.

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